Friday, April 4, 2014

Progress on Multiplayer

We have been working very hard on the multiplayer feature we announced last month. It is not yet ready for prime time but we wanted to share our progress with you.

There are a ton of details involved in making it an enjoyable experience for pilots of all levels and we are slowly addressing them all.
One thing we have been focusing on is to design a reputation system that would allow experienced pilots to fly in the largest and busiest airports (based on multiplayer flight time, landing count, flight quality ... see below) while allowing more novice ones to train in smaller airports without the fear of getting in the way of others.
A high reputation would allow you to enter most airspaces, while a low one would prevent you from interfering with pilots following procedures.

As mentioned above, many factor can increase or decrease your reputation:

  • Flight hours
  • Successful Landing Count
  • Flight Quality (we judge how difficult was a flight based on weather, autopilot usage...etc)
  • Airspace violations
  • Taxi speed
  • etc...

This is only a short sample of what we have in mind and we welcome all feedback so we can improve on our design.

In the mean time, hope you enjoy the few screenshots below :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Good things come to those who wait !

We are proud to announce our latest update to Infinite Flight, available right now (or soon, depending on your device)  to your favorite app store !

While this update might not seem to bring a lot of changes on the surface, we did a lot of work behind the scene in order to support the great stuff that will come later this year (continue reading to know more). In the mean time, we hope you will enjoy the great new features and content that this update brings:
  • Completely revamped Boeing 737-700 including cockpit and many liveries with the most accurate flight model to date (and still completely free !)
  • Added Boeing 737-800 as In-App Purchase. As always, In-App purchases are in no way mandatory and simply contribute to the continued improvement of Infinite Flight. 
  • Added a special version of the 737-700 with a unique Flying Development Studio livery. We wanted to offer something special for the best supporters of Infinite Flight; this aircraft unlocks for free for people who have made 20 purchases or more. 
  • Completely reworked jet engine model with realistic thrust simulation and proper N1 display

As we mentioned above, we are working on some big upcoming features that require a lot more time to put in place than our usual ~2 months update cycle; and because we couldn't wait any longer to share it with you, here are some preview screenshot that should help you guess what it is :

Keep in mind that this is in early beta and we will most likely start opening it to more people gradually in the next few months.

As usual feel free to send us feedback and update your reviews in your respective app store.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

New HUD experience coming soon !

In our long journey to make Infinite Flight a reference in the flight simulation landscape, we have to not only make a good simulator, but also a usable one. The later is especially important on mobile devices where input and physical screen real estate are quite limited compared to desktop computers.

To this date we did our best to offer a usable In Game user interface layout that would make it easy to access most common aircraft controls during a flight.
(Un)fortunately we are far from done and there are a ton of features requiring user input that we want to add:
  • Cabin light switches
  • Pushback control
  • Failures
  • Interactive ATC
  • etc...
Adding all those features is not an easy task; an even harder one is to expose them to the user in a clean and intuitive way.

This is why we are introducing a new revamped HUD experience with our next Infinite Flight update. We probably won't satisfy everybody with this change, but it was a necessary one in order to continue adding more cool features to our simulator.

Our only hope is that you understand better our reasoning behind this user interface update. We spent a lot of time trying to find something that can work with all the features we have in mind (some of them coming along with this update) and rest assured that we have a very good reason for each pixel on screen to be where it is.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's here... your fresh Infinite Flight update for iOS

The long wait is over ! The new update of Infinite Flight is finally here !

To thank you for your patience we decided to include a beautiful Cessna 208 and a large region surrounding the city of Chicago as a free download. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do !
We also added extra high quality aircraft (Boeing 777-200ER, 777-200F, and F-22 Raptor) and a scenery in the Caribbean as In-App purchases. As always, those are in no way mandatory and we do plan on adding more free features and update older aircraft with high quality models, animations and livery; stay tuned.

Below is the full changelist for this update:

• Cessna 208 (Free)
• Boeing 777-200ER (Paid)
• Boeing 777-200F (Paid)
• F-22 Raptor (Paid)
• Chicago Area (Free)
• Caribbean Islands (Paid)
• Added support for wind turbulences
• Fixed crosswind behavior
• Minor terrain rendering improvements
• Fixed issue that caused downloaded airplanes/scenery to be deleted

We have updated all airplane/sceneries so they will all have to be re-downloaded.

Both iOS and Android version (released a couple weeks ago) are now in sync and we will do our very best to release on both platform simultaneously. Windows Phone users are unfortunately stuck on an older version until we port Infinite Flight to Windows Phone 8 (a lot of things changed between WP7.x and WP8, address your complaints to Microsoft ;p)

If you see any issues, drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

As usual, feel free to update your ratings/review in your favorite app store.

Happy landings !

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Infinite Flight for Android is available now on Google Play !

Fellow Pilots,

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Infinite Flight for Android on the Google Play Store.
We worked really hard to bring the same great flight simulation experience that made Infinite Flight a success on the Apple Store.

Here is the list of features for our first Android release:

• 27 aircraft (16 included + 11 IAP)
• 8 regions each covering thousands of square kilometers (5 included + 3 IAP)
• All major airports with precise runway and taxiway layouts
• Flight planning
• Instrument Landing System (ILS)
• Autopilot (supports Altitude, Heading, Throttle and Vertical Speed)
• Advanced replay system
• Time and weather conditions
• Weight and balance configuration
• Introductory and takeoff flight lessons
• Logbook
• Achievements
• And much more...

We are really excited to share our passion with the millions of Android users around the world and we can't wait for all of our new pilots to start flying and send us great feedback !

Happy Landings !

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Call for Android Beta Testers

As you may have seen on Facebook and Twitter, Infinite Flight is coming to Android!
Testing for Android is more involved than on other platforms mainly because of the wide variety of devices and OS versions on the market today.

Being part of the Infinite Flight Android beta program is not about getting early access to builds, it's about helping us release the best possible experience for Android owners. This is why we are going to be more strict with our recruitment program.

We want simmers who are passionate about flight simulation, who have the time to test the app and who won't be discouraged by playing a completely broken app every once in a while. We also want testers who will keep whatever they see in the betas to themselves until the beta is shipped to the public.

To help us select the right testers for our Android beta program, we've compiled a list of simple instructions; make sure you follow them carefully. Also, as a reminder, this is for Android beta program only, not iOS, we are currently fully staffed on the Apple devices:
  • Email us at
  • Email Subject: "Application for Android Beta" (we will filter on this title only)
  • Write a short bio explaining your experience with Flight Sims in general, if you've been a tester for any app before...
Answer the following questions:
  • How many Android Devices do you own? (List them with their current Android version?
  • How much time can you spend testing Infinite Flight every week?
  • If you see a bug in Infinite Flight, should you report it immediately or try to find a solid repro case before telling us about it?
Extra Credit Questions:
  • What year/month was Infinite Flight first released on iOS?
  • What is the screen resolution (in pixels) of your main Android Device?
  • Do you own a Pilot's License?
If you are selected, we will use the address you sent us the email from to sign you up, make sure you email us from that account.

Thanks and we hope to see you soon flying on Android with us :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boeing 717 and 757 cleared for takeoff

We are proud to announce that a new Infinite Flight update is on it's way to your devices ! With this update, we are adding 2 new aircraft and 2 new regions and we are happy to offer the Boeing 717 and Sydney region for FREE !

As usual, make sure you update your rating and reviews and tell us how you like the new stuff ! 

Here is the changelog of this update:
  • Added the Boeing 717 with 11 liveries and animated Virtual Cockpit (FREE) 
  • Added the Boeing 757 with 20 liveries and animated virtual cockpit (Paid) 
  • Added 2 new regions: Paris, France (Paid) and Sydney/Canberra (FREE) 
  • Fixed clicking sound (jet and warbirds) 
  • Added prediction lines for heading/alt/speed in the HUD 
  • Fixed issues with X-Track in the map page (wrong reported values) 
  • Fixed Autopilot HDG mode precision errors 
  • Improved application startup performance

Friday, February 22, 2013

Another day, another Infinite Flight update !

As the title suggests, we just published a new update to both iOS AppStore and WindowsPhone Marketplace and it should be soon be available for download on your devices. This is a small update fixing a few issues on older devices that were reported with the previous version of Infinite Flight. We also added a new region (NYC) and also made the London scenery much larger. Checkout the full changelog below.

• Fix frequent crashes on older generation devices occurring since last update
• Added New York Region (IAP): 108 new airports including John F Kennedy (KJFK), Newark Liberty (KEWR), Long Island (KISP), Stewart (KSWF), Mc Guire Afb (KWRI), La Guardia (KLGA), Teterboro (KTEB), Igor I Sikorsky... (KBDR), Republic (KFRG), Monmouth Executive (KBLM) and more!
• London region is now much larger
• Fixed issues with disappearing terrain after long flights
• Improved aircraft and region selection pages to include more detailed information

With this version, we also localized our AppStore description in many languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Japanese, and Russian); Let your international friends know about Infinite Flight :)

Happy Landings !

Friday, January 25, 2013

Our first 2013 update is out !

We are proud to announce that the latest update for Infinite Flight has been approved by Apple and should be available for download very soon. The Windows Phone version should be available in a week or so due to submission issues.
This update brings a lot of new content and features to continue making Infinite Flight a reference in mobile flight simulation :
  • FREE update of the Cessna 172 with Virtual Cockpit 
  • FREE update of the Spitfire, now with full animations 
  • Added the F-14 Fighter Jet with multiple load configurations (Paid) 
  • Added 2 new regions: Charlotte, NC (Free) and London, UK (Paid) 
  • Reworked Physics of all the airplanes (better balance, performance, etc...) 
  • Airplane weight is now configurable during flight 
  • ATC Chatter can now be disabled 
  • Better HUD visibility in low visibility situations 
  • Mach Number is now shown in HUD 
  • Better airport rendering (taxiways, apron are at higher resolution) 
  • San Francisco Area is now a bit bigger to the East 
  • Higher quality terrain/mountains 
  • Better city outlines (US Only) 
  • Airplane roll and tire squeal sounds are now audible during landing/takeoff 
  • Reworked Weather Page 
  • Fixed some sound issues during startup 
  • Optimized startup performance 
  • Start location can now be set to parking/gates 
  • View can now be panned while moving the throttle or rudder 
  • Nosewheel can now be decoupled from the aileron controls on the ground 
  • Improved HUD visibility for IFR flights (ILS Colors, Text outlines, etc...)
  • Improved content download/update user experience

If you find any issue, feel free to send us an email to

As always, don't forget to update your reviews in the AppStore and Marketplace :)

Happy landings

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An insight into our feedback process

As most of you know, we have a pretty cool user feedback page where a lot of our fellow pilots add and vote for ideas of how to improve Infinite Flight. It really has been a tremendous tool for us and we hope to make it even better.

We recently made some changes that we wanted to share with you and also give you more detailed information about our feedback oriented development process.

First of all, we are disabling anonymous voting. This is less about vote tempering (there is always a way to break any system anyway) and more about engagement. Flight Simulators are complex and we want to make sure that when an idea is at the top, it is because engaged users want it. We believe it is a fair change and won't affect most of you anyway.
We are also now automatically removing from public view ideas and comment that are flagged inappropriate by you (it is an adaptive system though). This is to fight spam.

While working on each Infinite Flight update, we do our very best to interact as much with our users as possible so you know where we are at and where we are headed. We recognize that it can be hard to grasp when your cool idea that has many votes will see the light of day in our simulator, sometimes a little bit frustrating even. Hopefully what follows will give you a satisfying insight into our feedback process.

We usually glance at every single idea. In fact, we get a summary email everyday that aggregates all the new ideas and the trending ones. Needless to say, we get a lot :) Suggestions can usually be categorized into 1 of the following 2 groups:

  • Content suggestions
  • Simulation related ideas
Let's dig into what each means and give you our developer perspective.

Content suggestions (aircraft, liveries, scenery...) are the most common. At the time we are looking at creating new content, we glance at the top 10 and start working mostly based on 3D artist capabilities (does he have the skills to create a high quality model of a specific aircraft) and availability (how long will it take). However, it is worth noting that by the time we release the newly created content, the top content suggestion might have changed which could potentially lead to confusion.
Another factor is that we have a lot of duplicated ideas. Merged, those ideas can rank way higher than the first one on the list. We also take that into consideration when picking what to work on next.

Simulation related ideas (weight and balance, passengers, fuel support ...etc) is the other big category most suggestion falls in.  Infinite Flight is a flight *simulator*. There is no question whether or not we want to add anything that falls into this category. The only question is "when ?"
As previously mentioned, Flight Simulators are complex and even a perceived small feature request can be very complex to implement. We usually prefer to incrementally improve Infinite Flight (and update frequently) than getting lost into adding a specific feature and provide a disappointing update every 6 months to a year.

This last part is about how we sort all those ideas and what those "status" means to us.
Regardless of whether your idea gets an admin answer or not, we did see it and we will mark it as "planned" if we decide to do it, "started" when the artist or developer started work on it, and "completed" once it is released as part of an update. In term of time-frame,  a "planned" feature can take multiple update cycle to make it to the simulator whereas a "started" one should take no more than 2 update cycles.
If we see an interesting suggestion that is getting a *lot* of votes but we cannot do it in any reasonable amount of time in the current state of things, we will mark it as "postponed"; this means that we want it but we will get to it later as we improve the simulator to allow such a feature to be easily added; a "postponed" idea will be marked as closed until we get to it so you guys can get your votes back and suggest more stuff :)
Finally, we added an "invalid" status. This one will be applied to every entries that have multiple suggestions in them. Those defeat the purpose of our feedback system since they prevent us to pinpoint the most wanted ideas. If that happens to one of your suggestion, simply split it in multiple ideas (or tell us why we are wrong ... we make mistakes as well :p)

Anyhow, if you made it this far, we hope this gives you a good understanding of our feedback process and that we will getting more of those great suggestions to continue making Infinite Flight a reference in mobile flight simulation.

Happy Voting !

TLDR: we listen to you and we are getting better at it :)