Saturday, December 20, 2014

Infinite Flight Live Events

As most of you have heard, we've been organizing weekly events on Infinite Flight Live. The success of those events has been tremendous! Yesterday's fly-in was by far the most attended and we would like to thank all of you who joined us, our package delivery mission has been accomplished!

Traffic in Southern California on Dec 19th
Now that it's over, we'd love to know what you guys thought about the event. Did you enjoy it? Was it too crowded? What could we do to make those events even more awesome? Do you have other event ideas?

Quick note on performance, some of you might have experienced lags and crashes. Our recommendation for the next one is to adjust your settings to the minimum, and restart your device before you join Live to make sure it's fresh and all its memory is available for Infinite Flight to use.

On other news, the Infinite Flight Fan Group is organizing a Delta Fly-In today, you can find out more details about it by heading over to their Facebook page.

We love seeing those community events pop up in Live. We've seen C-17 Group Flights, A-10 Formations, A380 Formation Flights, Airline Gatherings, Escort Missions, and more!
We encourage you guys to take ownership of this virtual world, make it your own, organize events, patrols, fly-ins, formation flights and anything you can think of. Post reminders on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to make sure you get as many attendees as possible.
Remember also to send us your feedback about what what you'd like to see next in Live. We want to make this big, and we're planning things that will make it so.

Here are some pictures of those events, courtesy of the members of our community:

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter more news about what's coming next. You've already heard the sounds, and we've got many awesome things in the development pipeline. Things we'll be able to show you guys very soon. Stay tuned, and thank you for your continued support!