Friday, November 7, 2014

Queen of the Skies, Part 3 & Upcoming Infinite Flight Live Improvements

We have a lot to talk about today!

First of all, we wanted to remind you that David from our team will host another official "Fly In" event today. The event will have 2 times to accomodate our fans that are on different timezone. More details here. Also don't forget to subscribe to our reddit community to post event pics, share your flying experience or manage your virtual airlines.

The second thing we wanted to mention, is the upcoming improvements that are coming to Infinite Flight Live.
Since launch, there have been issues with pilots not following the rules (not waiting for their turn to takeoff, taking off from the wrong side of the runway, not using ATC properly, etc). We believe that part of those issues are due to the lack of clear instructions and proper signage to help novice pilots follow the correct procedures (if you are a novice pilot, we strongly suggest that you take a look at the Infinite Flight Live Introduction video on our YouTube channel).

Below are a few tweaks that we have been working on to improve runway condition visibility:

Runways are now colored according to their current usage restrictions. Also added METAR information at the top.
Added "virtual fence" at runway entrances that shouldn't be used for takeoff 

Another source of frustration comes from pilots who will disregard the rules no matter the consequences. We could ban those users but it means that pilots who just want to have fun can't enjoy Infinite Flight Live. We spent a lot of time reading all of the ideas that we received to improve the situation, and we believe we have found a good solution that should please the most dedicated pilots as well as the ones who want to be free to fly the way they want.

In a future release, we will introduce a way to report a specific user; if that user is being reported by enough people during a short amount of time (TBD), the reported user will be temporarily "ghosted". Instead of being banned from connecting to Infinite Flight Live, a "ghosted" user will simply be invisible to all other pilots. This also means that any ATC communication from that user will be ignored. "Ghosted" users won't be able to see each other, they can only see (and learn from) the pilots who follow procedures. "Ghosting" will also be applied to pilots receiving many violations during a short period of time.
The specifics of this new feature are not yet final and we might only activate this new functionality on advanced servers, but we believe this should dramatically improve the experience for all.

Lastly, as we mentioned last week, we have much more of the 747 to show. We decided to add many variant for you to enjoy and today we are showing 1 more... hope you are as excited as we are to fly this one:

Happy Landings!