Saturday, March 28, 2015

Update is in the pattern

In the next few weeks, we will start rolling out our new update for which you have all being waiting very patiently. This one is taking a bit longer due to a perfect storm of issues that we finally got (mostly) under control. Without further ado, here is the list of features and fixes that will be included:

  • Improved sounds for each aircraft class. The new sounds are a lot more realistic and take the simulation to a whole new level
  • Added 2 new sceneries: Hawaii and Singapore / Kuala Lumpur
  • Reworked many airports with better taxiway layouts and accurate markings
  • Added new liveries for the 737-BBJ, 737-700, 777-200ER, A380
  • Reworked ERJ 170/175/190/195 flight model. They are now much more stable and most autopilot issues have been fixed
  • Improved in-game UI. We made a few tweaks to improve readability and you can now customize the instruments you want to see at the bottom of the screen (long press on the dock instrument to change it)
  • [Live] Added new Live ATC mode. You can now fly with other users acting as Air Traffic Controller. Given the complexity of being ATC, we are currently hand picking candidates that can act as air traffic controllers and will add more in the future.
  • [Live] Improved server performance allowing for more pilots to fly together
  • [Live] Added an extra server with no rules (no violations) for those of you who just want to have fun and fly without the complexity of procedures, airspaces and ATC; sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than going supersonic in an F22 at 500 feet AGL :)

With a few people from our beta test program, we created a quick video showcasing some of the new sounds that will be in this update, hope you like it:

Before you start asking for things like buildings, better scenery and landing smoke (and all the other requests we get every single day), rest assured that we are working (very hard) to bring all of it sooner or later. For us, a flight simulator is more than eye candy cockpits and fancy sceneries; for us, it is about bringing a community of flight simulation enthusiasts together and share our passion with friends... and strangers.

Clear skies!