Monday, October 31, 2011

F/A 18 Demo Flight in the Mountains

Yesterday, we posted a new video of Infinite Flight 2.1 in action.
It shows the F/A-18 flying around in the mountains north of Ontario International Airport in Southern California. This airplane is a pure joy to fly, you guys are going to love it!

We're scheduled to release the beta of 2.1 in the next few days, and if everything goes well, we'll release it to the marketplace soon after.

Here's the video:

Oh, and stay tuned, we've got more news coming ;-)


Adam Bratvold said...

hey lower prices!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reza Arif Maulana said...

Hey you the poor man!!!!!!!!! Gave all people a free game and don't locked the plane. Just give all people to unlocked all planes and locations fucking!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i want a engine button on and off

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