Thursday, November 3, 2011

Announcing Infinite Flight for iPhone/iPad


Flying Development Studio LLC is announcing Infinite Flight for iPhone/iPad

San Jose, CA November - 3rd 2011 - Flying Development Studio LLC, the company behind Infinite Flight, the flight simulator for Windows Phone 7 is pleased to announce Infinite Flight for iOS

Infinite Flight for iOS will bring support to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices in the next few months. All the features that are already present in Infinite Flight 2.0 will make it into this new release. These include 10 aircrafts, realistic physics simulation, heads up display, autopilot, 2 regions with 140+ airports, time of day, configurable weather settings, tutorials, leaderboards, online logbook and more.

To accomplish this port to iOS, Flying Development Studio is using MonoTouch and a custom branch of the open source project MonoGame to which they added OpenGL ES 3D support.

Below is a link to a preview screenshot of the main menu on the iPad2

Infinite Flight running on iPad

Infinite Flight was released in April 2011 for the Windows Phone 7 platform and has been well received by the community. It is used by thousands of pilots around the world every day and is ranked in the top 50 paid games. Regular updates have been released adding features, airplanes and regions. The last release, 2.0, brought Windows Phone Mango support.

Screenshots of Windows Phone 7 version can be found on the Infinite Flight facebook page:
Videos are available on youtube:

Flying Development Studio’s blog [] and twitter feed [!/flyingdevstudio] will contain regular updates about the progress of the iOS release.

Flying Development Studio LLC is an independent game developer company based in California that specializes in high quality flight simulation products for mobile platforms. For more information, they can be reached at

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