Friday, February 22, 2013

Another day, another Infinite Flight update !

As the title suggests, we just published a new update to both iOS AppStore and WindowsPhone Marketplace and it should be soon be available for download on your devices. This is a small update fixing a few issues on older devices that were reported with the previous version of Infinite Flight. We also added a new region (NYC) and also made the London scenery much larger. Checkout the full changelog below.

• Fix frequent crashes on older generation devices occurring since last update
• Added New York Region (IAP): 108 new airports including John F Kennedy (KJFK), Newark Liberty (KEWR), Long Island (KISP), Stewart (KSWF), Mc Guire Afb (KWRI), La Guardia (KLGA), Teterboro (KTEB), Igor I Sikorsky... (KBDR), Republic (KFRG), Monmouth Executive (KBLM) and more!
• London region is now much larger
• Fixed issues with disappearing terrain after long flights
• Improved aircraft and region selection pages to include more detailed information

With this version, we also localized our AppStore description in many languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Japanese, and Russian); Let your international friends know about Infinite Flight :)

Happy Landings !


Anonymous said...

Why don't all planes have good textures like the A380? :S

Downloads Maneiros said...

I still crash.... but less frequently

Philippe Rollin said...

@Anonymous Infinite Flight is almost 2 years old (from the first release on WindowsPhone) and we made a lot of quality improvements since then. Some aircraft were produced early on and didn't benefit from those improvements .... yet.

@Downloads Maneiro: Make sure you don't have too many apps in the background when playing Infinite Flight. As a fully featured Flight Simulator there is so much we can do to limit how much resource we use therefore there is still some cases that will cause older devices (iPod, iPad 1st gen) to run out of memory

pauly said...

awesome flight sim! i play it over apple tv, amazing on a hd tv! Would really love to see Concorde in the mix! Great job

Stanley Mendoza said...

when will the android version be released? hope soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

I updated recently but I don't have the by region is that on ios only im running on windows.

Anonymous said...

When is you next update

Martin Sweet said...

Can I see the full list of airports in the London region anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Waiting London region for wp8

Johnes Joseph said...

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praveen kumar said...

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Issa Moussa said...

S'il vous plaît le programme de cours en français est possible ?

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