Friday, January 25, 2013

Our first 2013 update is out !

We are proud to announce that the latest update for Infinite Flight has been approved by Apple and should be available for download very soon. The Windows Phone version should be available in a week or so due to submission issues.
This update brings a lot of new content and features to continue making Infinite Flight a reference in mobile flight simulation :
  • FREE update of the Cessna 172 with Virtual Cockpit 
  • FREE update of the Spitfire, now with full animations 
  • Added the F-14 Fighter Jet with multiple load configurations (Paid) 
  • Added 2 new regions: Charlotte, NC (Free) and London, UK (Paid) 
  • Reworked Physics of all the airplanes (better balance, performance, etc...) 
  • Airplane weight is now configurable during flight 
  • ATC Chatter can now be disabled 
  • Better HUD visibility in low visibility situations 
  • Mach Number is now shown in HUD 
  • Better airport rendering (taxiways, apron are at higher resolution) 
  • San Francisco Area is now a bit bigger to the East 
  • Higher quality terrain/mountains 
  • Better city outlines (US Only) 
  • Airplane roll and tire squeal sounds are now audible during landing/takeoff 
  • Reworked Weather Page 
  • Fixed some sound issues during startup 
  • Optimized startup performance 
  • Start location can now be set to parking/gates 
  • View can now be panned while moving the throttle or rudder 
  • Nosewheel can now be decoupled from the aileron controls on the ground 
  • Improved HUD visibility for IFR flights (ILS Colors, Text outlines, etc...)
  • Improved content download/update user experience

If you find any issue, feel free to send us an email to

As always, don't forget to update your reviews in the AppStore and Marketplace :)

Happy landings


Amos Portugal said...

Woo, great! :)

Anonymous said...

Amen! Great job guys!!

Anonymous said...

Nice job keep it up!

Cafernon said...

We are waiting air traffic control system and multiplayer with others

Anonymous said...

NY Region?

Anonymous said...

There were some crucial updates to the sim so that I feel confident now to go and purchase it. Keep it up.

Most important was a virtual cockpit to the Cessna. All my sim flying is low and slow :)

While this is a great achievement of a sim on mobile, I find it a tad sad that we serious simmer are back to deserted airfields (no buildings, no signs, etc.), no rain, no interactive ATC. You name it. Hopefully, one day, we can have something like the old MSFS 2002 or 2004 in terms of features and quality on mobile which really moved simming forward.

Anonymous said...

Were's the Airbus Beluga once thats on the game it will be the best flight simulator

Jary hock said...

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Andre Lewis said...

Great FS, Looks good on my Ipad.

Symon Pomeranets said...

Very good!!) but, I wish to appear F16 I sufa ( Israeli)

Alex Chan said...

It great

Anonymous said...

where's the option to buy the F-14 on Windows 8 phones?

mark said...

Thanks for the information.Your blog is very informative.
I just love your models and article. thnaks for sharing. All of your models are really brillient.keep it up

joshuadiaz said...

add 747-400 air force one and upgrade new plains and airports

Anonymous said...

hi, i don't have back chat on my iphone4, is it a bug or?

Anonymous said...

Air force one please

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