Thursday, June 7, 2012

Infinite Flight 1.3 for iOS

Fellow pilots,

Our last update was a bit more than a month ago, and since then, we've been busy. 
Infinite Flight 1.3 was just approved by Apple and it brings 2 new airplanes (Airbus 330-200F and  Airbus 340-600), realistic animations support (available on select airplanes for now), more taxiways, ATC Chatter, Reverse thrust and more.
Note that the new airplanes are available as in-app purchases, priced initially at $0.99 for our early adopter community. We will keep this low price for the time being.

We are well aware that In-App purchases won't satisfy everybody. However, as a small independent team, we need to find ways to sustain our business so we can continue working on Infinite Flight full time and enhance the quality of our simulator with each update.
Rest assured that we will continue to provide free updates as well as free content from time to time. After all, we are also Infinite Flight users and we make sure to follow the Golden Rule.

Here is the full changelog for this release:
  • Airbus 340-600 (Lufthansa, Thai Airways, Virgin Atlantic, South African Liveries) (In App Purchase) 
  • Airbus 330-200F (UPS Livery) (In App Purchase) 
  • Added animations to the new airplanes as well as the CRJ-200, A321, Cessna 172, A10, SR22. (More will come soon) 
  • Taxiways and parking are now available at most airports 
  • Added ATC Chatter (Unavailable for low end devices) 
  • Added GPWS Call Outs for jets on landing 
  • Added Reverse Thrust 
  • New Aircraft Lighting system with ground reflections (Unavailable on low end devices) 
  • Added VS mode to the Autopilot 
  • Added new Autopilot On/Off switch that maintains VS/HDG when turned on for better transition from Manual flight to Auto Pilot. 
  • New messaging system for Navigation Events, Warnings, Achievements… 
  • New Takeoff Lesson 
  • Added ambient sound when in external views (Unavailable on low end devices) 
Bug Fixes: 
  • Fixed issue with some new iPad2 devices not showing the game full screen.
  • Fixed sound issues after receiving a phone call.


Amby said...

I have a thing for planes and have been using but the new changes bring a whole different set of experience that I highly enjoy

muthusamy yadhavan said...

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Alex Pitchford said...

Please add kc-135,c-5 galaxy, c-130, osprey, and all military planes plase

Alex Pitchford said...

Please add kc-135,c-5 galaxy, c-130, osprey, and all military planes plase

Anonymous said...

Please add more detail and working instruments/levers and switches to the virtual cockpit view. For me the virtual cockpit view is by far the best feature of the game and gives it a huge edge over its competitors. Also a Piper J3 Cub would nice and some other GA types. I own a Jodel 150A Mascaret and would happy let use it's livery for one of your models!!!!!

Anonymous said...

C130J next please. Always get same old H model. And uk region.

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