Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Infinite Flight 1.2 (iOS) and 2.3 (WP7) Available!

Continuing our effort to frequently release new versions of our app, we’re proud to announce the latest update of Infinite Flight, our Flight Simulator for iOS and Windows Phone 7.
Infinite Flight for iOS is a universal app that runs on iPhone 4 & 4s, iPad 1 & 2 & 3 and iPod Touch 4th Generation and Windows Phone 7. Priced at $4.99, it features multiple airplanes, realistic physics simulation, heads up display, autopilot, 2 regions with 140+ airports, configurable time & weather settings, a beginner tutorial, logbook and more.

This new version bring great new features and bug fixes. Our newest airplane is the CRJ-200, which was the top request on our feedback site in the Aircraft Category when we started working on it last month. It comes as a free add-on with this update. Missions are also part of the top requested items, we’ve listened, and this update comes with a Space Shuttle with 4 missions, a set of precision landing missions for the Boeing 747 as well as 3 formation flight missions with the Spitfire!
We also made improvements to the map control with added support for pinch-to-zoom and panning, making flight planning much easier. The map also shows more Navigation Data with Airways and Fixes.
On the bug fixes front, we fixed issues with the controls, sound, achievements and flight model.

Here is the full list of features and fixes for this release:
- Added the Bombardier CRJ-200
- Added the Space Shuttle (With 4 landing missions)
- Added support for elevator trim
- New missions for the 747 (Landing)
- New missions for the Spitfire (Formation Flight)
- Improved runways (Markings and new texture)
- Added pinch to zoom and panning to the map control
- Added Airways and Fixes to the map (usable in flight plans)
- Tweaked physics of the 321 (adjusted weight) and Cessna 172 (Adjusted weight and lift curves)
- Better nose wheel behavior (steering angle increased)

Bug Fixes:
- Inverted controls issue is now fixed
- Sound shouldn't go away anymore
- Fixed broken drag computation that caused uncontrollable spins
- Fixed broken landing achievements



Video showing some of the new features:



Anonymous said...

Animations? New terrain system? These seem priorities over new airplanes. How about updating old airplane - putting in virtual cockpits/animations (when ready)? I love infinite flight, but I think that some priorities seems strange. Still, you know better than I.

Philippe Rollin said...

We are currently hard at work to bring animations with our next update. The new terrain system is a larger project and will take more time. In the meantime we are didecated to bring new features and content in order to satisfy other requests.

Anonymous said...

Any new betas coming out soon for iphone?

kamban said...

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Anonymous said...

I have 2.2.4490 and am having uncontolable spin outs on landing or take off. Flap setting have some effect but pull is to left.

Zakir said...

Lovely, I just updated now. I want know what's the purpose of trim?

Is it for landing purpose or take off purposes?

And what trim controls? Which part of aircraft ?


Watson Emma said...

nice information.

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Bilbo Baggins said...

Enjoying the app immensely. One issue i haven't figured out, across all aircrafts is a strong pull to left (mainly) on take-offs generally prior rotate speed. Any feedback welcome

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