Monday, October 20, 2014

Launching Infinite Flight Reddit Community

We actually have 2 things to talk about today:

Let's start with the less pleasant one. We recently noticed that the last iOS version that is being released today (8.1) doesn't play well with Infinite Flight: if you launch the simulator when your device is in portrait, Infinite Flight screen will appear cropped. We already sent to Apple a hotfix to address this issue last week, and we hope it will be accepted by the end of this week. In the meantime you have 2 options:
- Wait until we the hotfix is accepted by Apple before upgrading to iOS 8.1
- When launching Infinite Flight, press the home button and then come back to the simulator. The screen should have the proper orientation (avoid rotating your device).
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we will let you know as soon as our hotfix has been accepted.

Now on to more interesting stuff :) Today we are officially launching Infinite Flight Reddit community.

During the past few months, we experimented with different options for our growing community to connect and share their experience with fellow pilots. You already know about our facebook and Google+ page; however those aren't ideal to encourage quality content. There are many advantages to having our community on Reddit (voting system, user curated content, highly customizable, integrated wiki, easy signup process, etc...) and we can't wait to see some of the great content you guys will share on there.
We have selected (from our most loyal fans) a handful of amazing moderators to help with the community and improve it down the road. Official Infinite Flight Live events will also be posted there on a regular basis.

To always be in touch with our great community, there are some great official and unofficial apps available out there to make for a great reddit experience:
- iOS: we highly recommend Alien Blue, it is the official reddit app for iOS devices and so far the best.
- Android: Reddit is Fun, BaconReader, Reddit News
- Desktop: checkout the RES extension

Happy landings!


Airplanes & Rollercoasters said...


Red Bird Pilot said...

Awesome! At least I don't have iOS! Looking forward to the Infinite Flight Reddit Community!

Doug P said...

I'm trying

JD Richard said...

Good stuff, thanks

JNG Aviation™ said...


KUUBI99 OfficialGamersChannel said...

Is the community created yet

Anonymous said...

Infinite Flight is a great simulator game

Samuel Chen Alt said...

Infinite Flight is perfect better than X-Plane for iOS

Red Bird Pilot said...

It is!

Max said...

I I am having problems with the sound on my infinite flight app I just updated to OS 8.1

Igor Sandin Vazquez said...

Hi! I leave a blog where you can give ideas and blog administrator
as commands to the game that the team can look and play better infinite
flight, see my blog and give ideas to improve the game!

David Crandall said...

Please remember Kindle when you update. Please check amazons review. We love this flight sim.

Unknown said...

Mine keeps on saying I can't download any aircraft because I didn't install app on playstore. But I did so wat should I do

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