Thursday, January 5, 2012

Infinite Flight for iOS Beta - Call for Testers [Closed]

Update Feb 16th 2012: We've closed the beta.

Happy New Year!

As the new year starts, we're taxiing for take off, and are approaching the launch of our beta program.
We won't be accepting everyone, the beta will be limited to reduce the burden on our small team. We've already selected a few people from our top users, and we have more room for about 10 more people.

To apply for the beta, we'll need to judge who can get in by evaluating the commitment that the applicants intend to show. If the only reason you wants access is to get an early preview, you might want to reconsider applying. A user playing the beta and leaving no feedback on bugs isn't useful to us, and to the community.

Here is a quick list of things we'd like to see (those are not definite required)
  •  Experience with flight simulation in general. (played most flight sims, and knows how to fly)
  •  Being a developers is a plus (general programming or sceneries, airplanes...)
  •  Testers have to own one or more of these iOS devices: Last generation iPod Touch, iPhone 4/4S, iPad 1/2. (Older devices will not be compatible. We only support A4 and A5 devices)
  •  Experience with prior beta programs is a also a plus
  •  Write us a few lines explaining why you'd like to be a tester :)

Send us your requests at

We'll notify the selected applicants when the beta starts in a few days!


iNIKEL said...

Appliceted myself. Really want to help you guys!

Anonymous said...

Just curious - how will you be distributing beta builds (TestFlight?)? I bet I would be a perfect tester (real pilot and airplane owner, pretty extensive sim experience, VERY extensive software testing/beta experience, I know how to write up a proper bug, have multiple iOS devices...I could go on). I'm also interested in trying TestFlight (have heard good things about it) - if you guys are using that for distribution, I'd probably raise my hand.

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