Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last week was big for us, we released an update to Infinite Flight that ads an Airbus A380 and we got a review by Best WP7 Games with a 4/5 star rating!

We've been working hard on 1.8, which brings a very special feature, something that is time sensitive, linked to current events, and that can't really take off, only land... Any guesses?

We were scheduled to release this update today but an update to the submission process has prevented us from doing so... We'll have to delay the update until this gets fixed on Microsoft's side... Hopefully, this can be done before Thursday (wink, wink ;)

Edit: It's been submitted! Hopefully, things will go fine!

We've heard the news that this update of the marketplace also brings a new beta testing feature. If anyone is interested in beta testing for us, send us a shout (contact@flyingdevelopmentstudio.com), you'll be able to impact the development of Infinite Flight and test features before we release them to the public! It's your chance to make a difference :)

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