Monday, June 13, 2011


Fellow pilots,

We received a couple reports about issues with the accelerometer not responding on some devices. In all the cases we assisted so far, a simple reboot of the phone solved the problem.

Another issue we heard about was about not being able to update the game. This seems to be an issue with the marketplace update system and a simple uninstall and re-install of the game will get you the most recent version of Infinite Flight.

Happy landings :)


J.D. said...

i do love the addition of the 737, but any idea when new planes will be available? In my biased opinion, The A-10 Warthog. If there was a place on the hud have it used to shoot the 30mm gatliing gun. Other planes could be the G6, 747, MD-11, c130, 727-200, and might be cool to put in a water plane

mlaban said...

We'll have a new airplane in the next release (couple of weeks away at most). We have other in the pipeline as well :) The A-10 is highly ranked in that list!

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