Sunday, April 3, 2011

Update on the phone lockup

As some of you are aware, Final Approach has been having issues with phone lockups for quite some time. We've never been able to repro the problem in house. Microsoft has been helping us but couldn't repro the hang as well.

Well, we've got a bit of a good news this morning, some users are reporting that after installing the newest update of Windows Phone 7 (Nodo) on their device, they could run the game just fine!

I guess the damage is done now in terms of bad reviews though... The game has been going down in the rankings. Let's hope that this fixed issue will bring in better reviews!


Rich Hopkins said...

I'm not here to put up a bad review, but to pass along a bug, and the stack along with it. As a beginning developer myself, about to publish my first WP7 app, but having developed a few mobile apps for use in a factory, I can relate with the difficulty of debugging without complete information.

Here's the scenario: I was playing on the Atlanta screen, and I bumped the search button, which sent me to Bing. I hit Back, and that gave me the menu, and when I chose Resume, I got a NullReferenceException. Here it is:

FDS.AirTrafficControl.AirTrafficUserControl.Update(Single dt)
FDS.AirTrafficControl.AirTrafficUserControl.Tick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
FDS.AirTrafficControl.AirTrafficUserControl.CompositionTarget_Rnedering(Object sender, EventArgs e)
System.Windows.Media.CompositionTarget.OnRendering(Object sender, RenderingEventArgs e)
MS.Internal.JoltHelper.RaiseEvent(IntPtr Target, UInt32 eventId, IntPtr coreEventArgs, UInt32 eventArgsTypeIndex)

I like the game, and find it quite addicting.



Rich Hopkins said...

Oh - version is

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