Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cleared for take off...

Hello fellow Pilots !

We are really excited that we successfully launched Infinite Flight for Windows Phone 7.
We worked hard in order to bring the best flight simulation experience whether you are a novice or an expert pilot.

You already sent many Aircraft requests and we will make sure to honor the most popular ones. There is already a few that are in the process of being added and that will be released in future updates.

Many people asked for a trial version of the game. Trial versions are tricky, especially for such a niche market. That being said, we are listening and are actively debating the possibility to add a trial version. For the time being, we are focused on the next update that will bring a new plane and a few more goodies. We are also preparing a video capture of the game running on a device in order to give future pilots a better insight on the gameplay.

Stay tuned !

Fun fact: pilots have flown more than 20hrs on the first day (more about this in a another post)


Hassan said...

Hi I went ahead and bought the game yesterday, and it looks great. I am using a Samsung Omnia 7/8GB and have a major issue. The sky is not showing any textures at all, and the screen is a dark gray on the upper half. I can see the ground textures fine. I have restarted the phone/game a few times but nothing has happened.

I would appreciate any help in fixing this issue.

philippe said...

Hi Hassan

Could you try switching temporarily your phone time zone to UTC-08 (Pacific Time) and let me know if that solves the issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will be working actively on a fix for the next update.


Hassan said...

That worked! What could be causing that issue? Is there a better workaround that keeping the phone in that timezone?

Thanks for your help.

philippe said...

We already pushed an update with a fix for this issue. It should be on the marketplace in the next couple day :)

Our Sky model is not just a texture, it is actually computed based on your location and the date and time of day. For now we only offer presets but we might offer more flexibility in the future. We had a bug were we had local time and UTC time mixed up which cause the bug for certain timezones.

Glad it helped !

Don't hesitate to rate our game if you like it. We are very dedicated and every word of encouragement counts.

Hassan said...

Appreciate the quick fix, I'll be rating the game shortly :) I'm impressed so far.

Kugan said...

Hi there. I love the game. The graphics are stunning and the physics is amazing compared to x plane on the iphone. There a few problems like the ability for a normal land plane to land or take off on water (unrealistic). The other problem is sometime when you land on rough or un even ground the camera dips under ground at the bottom of hills. Can you guys please send an update to fix these bugs.
Thanks :)

Kugan said...

Oh yh and one more thing can u add runway light down the middle of a runway like a real one.
Thanks again.

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