Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Maps for Final Approach Lite

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Oakland"]

We're happy to announce that we'll be releasing an update to Final Approach Lite that will add 2 new maps.

These maps are based on satellite images this time. One for the airport of Oakland in California and another one for Los Angeles International.

We're hoping for a publication sometime this week... stay tuned!


fab said...


first off all I want to thank your for that great game of yours. Secondly I have a question. I played Final Approach lite for quite a while. As soon as the update arrived I had to buy the full version, with the expectation, of beeing able to play more "real" airports.
Are you going to put some more airports like Oakland and LA in the full version of the game?

DingoDogg said...


Claro. Y con esto me he encontrado.

brian said...

Great game.......are there plans to have apps for other phones besides Window's?
Also, are there plans to upgrade the game for home PC use? This game is addictive.
When checking for high score I see some really off the wall numbers. Such as maddie shows a score of 20,019 this of course must be a cumulative score, right? It took me approx. 10 to 15 mins to score 53 via the LAX map. If I were to add up all my scores I then would be in the thousands.

Anyway keep up the good work....again a great game.

mlaban said...

Hello Brian,

Thanks for the comments :)

We don't have plans to port the game to PC anytime soon. It would be relatively easy to do though, so it might be something we'll do.

As to the top scores, I think these guys are saving their game and whenever they lose, they start from where they left off. I should have cleared the saved game whenever two planes collide :)

mlaban said...

I will, but I've been really swamped with our next game. When you'll see it, you'll understand why it takes so much of our time :)

Thanks for your support though, in the meantime, the free version is always available :)

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